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TOPICS: Metaphysics, The Unconscious (dreams and astral travel), Buddhism (yoga and meditation), Energetic Body (chakras and psychic ability), Shamanism and Entheogens,  Multidimensionality, Channeled Material, Philosophy, Alternative Physics, Novelty Theory and 2012, Astrology, Health and Others...



A: Approaching Metaphysics 


"Conversations with God" e-books 

Simple approaches to life meaning, spiritual concepts.  Personal/ soul issues, social issues, universal issues.. (recommended)


Experience Festival

An extensive database on spiritual, metaphysical issues (towards global ascension) 

Topics: Ascension, Database of Communities, Consciousness, Dreams, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, 2012, Channeling, Earth Changes, Mayan Calendar, Sacred Geometry,  Medical Astrology, Essential Oils... (recommended)


Astral Voyage

Introductory spirituality section. Astral projection and remote viewing

A brief discussion about dimensions of consciousness (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D).


(more links regarding introduction to metaphysics, spirituality, soul and evolution will be added soon)




B: The Unconscious (dreams and astral travel) 


Dream Moods Dream's interpretation (recommended)


Astral Travel/ OOBE By Donald J. DeGracia

- Search " CompuServe Astral Projection Class" by Don DeGracia, OOBE class (conducted on the CompuServe new age forum)
Complete guide to learn and practice astral travel/ oobe, includes methods, reports of experiences, really good Lucid dreaming, etc

(more on lucid dreaming and dreams mailing lists will be added soon)




C: Buddhism (yoga, meditation and philosophy) Transcendental meditation Mediation course online

(links regarding more on Buddhism, Dalai Lama; Yoga, Kundalini and Meditation will be added soon)

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D: Your energetic body (chakras and psychic ability)



Chakras are important points of convergent energy. The main seven chakras relate to biological glands and are associated to several of the functions of a human being. I might remember that our body has a invisible aspect yet invisible to science, only percept by altered (elevated) awareness, yoga exercises or by simple putting enough focus on them. General description Each chakra in detail Test your chakras Opening/ balancing your chakras Chakras balance and energetics


Balancing/ opening chakras:


(links regarding telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance and prophetic dreaming will be added soon)

(links regarding energetics, the energetic body and psychic protection will  be added soon)




E: Shamanism and Entheogens:


Shaman's Cave Excellent and extensive site on shamanism (recommended): intent, stalking, dreaming, awareness, death

Shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality, wherein some people access the unconscious world to seek solutions and cure for 

emotional, medical and social problems, and also as a means of contacting the world of gods and of the deceased.

People access this world, by changing its state of awareness, which maybe performed by simple will, spontaneous (during mystical experiences, starving and disease) and induced by hypnotic methods such as dances, drumming or the ingestion of some psychedelic plants.

All about entheogens (plants which when consumed cause intense mystical and psychedelic experiences). Very accurate, highly objective, with lots of information, and including  lots of reports of experiences. Spiritual based philosophy of mind expansion.

Includes too information on every other common drugs, mind altering substances and trance inducing methods (recommended) 


The Tibetan Book of Dead

How happens the process of death? In a similar fashion to what occurs during mystical experiences and the ego death during entheogens experiences, the book describes the several steps, dangers and advices. Has a Tibetan origin.  


Alien dreamtime by Terence McKenna

Inspired on the author experiences with DMT and psilocybin mushrooms, this small book described the realm of alien intelligence and spiritual concepts found on those trip experiences. These may be a door into higher dimensional intelligence, the unconscious and as means of seeing the future. DMT is a natural occurring brain neurotransmissor, responsible for mystical experiences and our daily dreams and which may be found in certain plants and then consumed. Yahoo mailing list on Entheogens Ego Death and the use of entheogens (a rather narrow perspective) Entheogens, Spirituality, Philosophy, Novelty theory



Free E-books on Carlos Castaneda, Aldous Huxley and Terence McKenna (entire books) (recommended)

Carlos Castaneda describes in detail the practices of Shamanism

Aldous Huxley describes in one book an experience with the sacred cacti peyote and its mystical effects

Terence McKenna speaks on several interviews with its experiences with entheogens, the state of control of the world and the novelty progression towards 2012 (novelty theory) 


Summaries of each book from Carlos Castaneda (practices of Shamanism) 


(more on shamanism and ancient tribe practices to be added soon)

(links on salvia divinorium to be added soon)




F: Multidimensionality: 

A brief discussion about dimensions (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D). (recommended)

Reality is organized on several invisible layers of consciousness, from the basal (mineral), 2D (plants and animals), 3D (humans) and higher dimensional intelligence (not visible, except by accessing the unconsciousness or psychic phenomena). 5D and 6D beings are commonly known as angels and demons (but this is a fairly simplistic concept)

Deeper discussion into dimensions, STS/STO (service to self/ service to others), Soul lessons, Free-will, The control system in our society and world, performed by higher dimensional intelligence (service to self forms of consciousness) (just acknowledge this scenario, comprehend it, how this is only games of cosmic consciousness within itself, to provide experience, love and evolution) 




G: Channeled material:


Bringers of the Dawn  Teachings from the Pleadians (recommended)

Easy reading on soul evolution (individual and humanity). Control in society. Changes towards 2012

This is supposedly channeled material from 6D intelligence (high dimensional consciousness), service to others

People channel this form of knowledge and consciousness when in trance/ unconscious


Ra, The Law of One (recommended)

Deep and complex  reflection into metaphysics/spiritual (almost about everything). Accurate and very extensive. or Interesting article on Ra

Ra defines itself as 6D form of associated intelligence. This was the first wide known channeled material (on the 80s)



A more personal approach (style of dialog). Focused on changes toward 2012,  STS/STO and the control system of society

Transcripts are not anymore presented on the webpage, just an extensive series of articles mentioning parts from the transcripts.


(links regarding Seth material will be presented soon)




H: Philosophy:


Awakening Earth  Exploring the Evolution of Human Culture and Consciousness (e-book)

Spiritual-sociological evolution of humanity (recommended)


Theory of Eternal Life (Gurdjeff Rodney Collin)


Gurdjeff material 

Philosophical analysis of Life, Ascension (Evening with Gurdjeff)


Tentium Organum (Ouspensky)

Multidimensionality, Phylosophy


Sacred Texts (recommended)

Extensive database on sacred books by several tribes, cultures and religions. Books on spirituality and the mystical (all free!)  


Free E-books on Aristotle, Kant, Nietzsche and Bertrand Russel (entire books) (recommended) 


(more links on philosophy authors will be added)

(links on the concept of memes to be added soon)




I: Alternative physics:


Convergence III (   e-book (recommended)

Cosmic consciousness, Sacred geometry and octaves, Physics (Ra and Seth based)


Shift of Ages (    e-book (recommended)

Sacred geometry, Physics, Metaphysics (Ra and Seth based) 


The Divine Cosmos (    e-book

Alternative astrophysics, Sacred geometry


Impossible Correspondence

Exquisite knowledge on some fields of sacred geometry, multidimensional physics, metaphysics



Alternative physics Interesting knowledge database Another interesting knowledge database Electric universe (based on plasma model) Sacred Geometry


(links regarding sacred geometry and description of Trufax and Educate Yourself will be added soon)




J: Novelty theory and 2012:


Novelty theory: A history mathematical model of evolution

A history mathematical model of evolution, designed by Terence McKenna, an archaeologist, with an algorithm based on the Chinese famous ancient book I Ching, which details all the mechanisms on the nature of time, how habit alternates with novelty in humanity breakthroughs and how this is linked with an exponential increase in novelty, ending in 21st December 2012, where time would collapse (maximum of novelty). 

The 2012 date is surprisingly concordant with the endpoint of Mayan advanced and intricate calendar. 

Terence McKenna also forecasted that 2012 would bring a quantum leap in human consciousness. Novelty theory (Terence McKenna webpage)  (recommended)

Mailing list about novelty theory. 

Mathematical and philosophical-oriented discussions


Some models forecast several major changes to occur towards the year 2012.

Several sources have forecast 2012 as an endpoint of something. The Mayans forecasted that in 21st December 2012 a vast time period would finished and a new era would begin. According to some people, this predictions also include a final period of major transformations, earth changes (climatic and geological) and when a shift in consciousness would arise.

Astronomically speaking, on that date, Winter solstice, sun would be aligned with the center of our galaxy, on the direction of the constellation of Sagittarius (actually this alignment has occurred already on several winter solstices surrounding 2012). Moreover, sun cycle is predicted to achieved another maximum (sun cycle is a cycle where magnetic variations on the sun field occur. at this maximum peaks, aurora borealis are frequent and even disruptions on telecommunications and magnetic field of earth could occur). Some people forecast a pole shift due to intense solar activity to occur around 2012 (actually astronomers also agree that 2012 peak will be a strong one). Or maybe to some comet passing by, an unknown solar companion or what else. Some astronomers also state that the solar system is about to enter an area of our galaxy which is energetically strong and which according to some people would trigger strong changes in all planets and affect earth and mankind. 


Several websites into 2012 event.   (recommended)

More links


Experience Festival

An extensive database on spiritual, metaphysical issues (towards global ascension, supposedly in 2012). (recommended)


Different timelines (from a soul, metaphysical, point of view) Quantum physics (probabilistic) approach

Well, we do our future. We create it, collectively and individuality. (recommended) The new 13month based calendar (Follow it! Recommended!) (recommended) Popol Vuh (sacred book from Maya scriptures)


(links regarding relation between the bible code, other cultures prophecies and the year of 2012 will be added soon)




K: Astrology:


1) How to start!

Read History of Astrology (recommended)

Basic concepts  (signs, planet influences and aspects) (recommended) (more on planetary influences, progressed moon)

Glossary of terms


2) Meanings

Planets in each and every house (meanings)  (recommended)

For each house, a constellation (meanings) (recommended)

Preponderance of each element (meanings) 

Past life reports

Past life for every ascendant sign

Ascendants and body appearances 

Relationships between every two ascendants


3) Medical astrology (I didn't search too deep into this field and more links yet) introduction medical view on every sign


4) Free E-books (for deep learning)

a) Rusicrucian Fellowship (recommended)

- Search "Juniour Astrology Course" or "Seniour Astrology Course" by Rusicrucian Fellowship

Several lessons on meanings of signs, aspects, planets, houses, for every aspect of life (including spiritual ones)

- Search "Studies in Astrology by Elman Bacher" planetary influences and planets principles in great detail

b) DK Foundation spiritual principles, planets in houses (detailed)... (recommended)


5) Esoteric Astrology (the deep metaphysical astrology. beyond the trivial individual astrology, to a more universal field)

Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul accurate analysis! (recommended) more concepts, not so accurate...


6) How Astrology works (remembers three concepts: hyperdimensional influence, unconscious/ archetypes, metaphysical point of view of soul) simple approach...  involves history background involves higher geometry, the hyperdimensional (sacred geometry website) detailed...

See also Hyperdimensional Physics, Hyperdimensional Astrology, Esoteric Astrology


7) Software:

Soupup2: software based on a more psychological approach on astrology (recommended)

Astro123: accurate, gives natal charts, natal reports, transits and presents every concept definition (recommended)

Zet7: very accurate, gives natal charts, interpretations, nice and easy design (recommended)

Canopus: alternative approach, gives natal charts but introduce a less scientific description


Sites for download:


(more on esoteric astrology to be added soon)

(links referring to software will be posted soon)




L: Health: Serotonin and food Serotonin and food Foods, depression, sleeplessness and serotonin Sugars, depression, food habits Brainwaves, neurotransmissors, etc herbs How to heal depression? How can you built a pyramid? Energy benefits from orgone energy.


(links on vegetarian alimentation and orgone energy to be added soon)




M: Not sorted: Out of body experiences Top secret discussions, talking boards Theories about mars, conspiracy.... Crop circles (possibly, some might be manifestations of higher dimensional intelligence and energy) Disinformation/ Skeptics Article: Are you seeking the light or just dancing with the dark? Abductions (Aliens, STO/STS, multidimensionality)

(Remember negative higher dimensional beings mainly seek to serve self but they are only attracted to you only if you allow it!) DNA Phantom effect (interesting phenomena that proves the relation between our genetic material and rather invisible energetic fields) In future, we will discuss further application of quantum physics concepts, holistic science and the principle of uncertainly.




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