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Entheogens experiences



Here you will find experiences I have had with entheogen plants: salvia divinorium and psylocybe mushrooms.

Not all experiences are reported. The most significant are. Names of other people are hidden for confidential reasons.

All were used for purposes of spiritual evolution and exploration.



Salvia divinorium experiences


Experience with Salvia 2 - 4 June 2004
0.25g joint

My mind is too theoretical. I ask myself to apply more to the practical and to the strange prevailing force evading life!
During salvia mind starts to break loose. Salvia also brings you much of personal lessons. Its clearly a teacher plant!
I see life as nothing more than a game product of my consciousness, and mine could be linked to consciousness of many others! 
Fusion between consciousness happens and then choice STS/STO appears (ascension to 4D).

In 4D the body starts to expand. I feel pressure over the back of my neck and this is a shortcut to the astral world. To visual patterns created by our thoughts. My body feels slight variations of cold and heat too.

Salvia induces a trance state. Alfa brain waves. Background music seems now more beat-oriented, more tropical, more physical, more sensual, more hilariant. I feel more sleepy and moody.

During this whole intellectual mind and conceptual-oriented trip, I had several thoughts of the meaning of life, some spiritual conceptualization.
I felt union with some of my friends, I felt tingling sensation on my sexual chakra.
I concluded that entheogens like this should be experimented alone, since they bring you such weird states! They bring you the divine.

Towards the end of the trip, while wide awaked, I look outside the window and I see hallucinations in the sky, something which was already there (4D). I felt the sensation of being out of time, in this world but with a no time quality. Also I felt a feeling of not feeling this life but something else (maybe the between incarnational period)
I felt the whole of lives while being aware of my life and the daily reality outside.

The trip lasted about 20-30 min and it was soft, mild and quite weak.
This was my second salvia trip. The first was even weaker but similar. Not so written oriented.



Experience with Salvia 3 - 8 June 2004
0.5g quid

First time I have tried quid.
Much more interesting. Although still not strong as expected.
I wrote the following 'poetic' words afterwards:

"we are constantly asleep. I do not even are aware of our daily bodily pains, the tensions we have over our bodies or in our minds. 
We are dizzy.
Still, it is in this sleepy dreamy state we feel a more colorful, cloudy and beautiful world.
The body turns lighter and the soul flies!
We receive messages from the universe. With Light.

But the mind does not show you anything. Only the soul in its more deep and subtle inside opens doors into the divine.
But do not create attachment to a need for connecting and enlightment. They are your greatest problem. Enlightment arises for itself. Naturally and spontaneously.
For a path opposite to light exists. That which the ego is master and dominator. A false light. Everything self-focused, all attentions and always full of pretensions and need for names.
On the other side, Light, everything is much more easier; beauty and lightness comes and yet so infinitely simpler and fluid."

I also had the well-described sensations of being a plant (although weak), of being in harmony with the universe, altered textures and sounds (weak too), traveling with close eyes (yes!) and certain visual effects such as altered colors and attention. The sensation of transformation into objects (e.g. table) was also weakly felt and also the presence of salvia entity (in the room). 
Concluding, salvia brings a trance state which allows an easy exploration of the unconscious realms.



Experience with Salvia 5 - 1 August 2004
1g quid

The previous experience (fourth) was a 0.25g joint, water-pipe method. But no special results, except for some emotional uplifting (I was depressed that day)
Experience nº5 was completely different.
A 1g quid was used, this time in my parents house with quite new results.
It last approx 40-45 min and it was the first time I felt that "I shouldn't have tried salvia".
However it was only the first approximation to ego dissolution, typical of more strong salvia experiences.
(Salvia experiences also begin to bring me now some permanent positive-improving alterations in life)
Experiences/ thoughts:

I understood the need for people to decorate their rooms. Objects function often as protective shield against negativity (depending always on the believing of the individual)
I felt astral mosquitoes (manifest as true mosquitoes) and hyperdimensional dinosaurs (4D STD?). This was a slightly frightening feeling. I was entering smoothly my trance while I felt temporarily asleep (i.e. unconscious for some seconds) and briefly experimented something akin to a hyperdimensional abduction (an alien dinosaur was smashing myself) But in a instant, it disappear completely (this was equal too a lucid dream, this case a small 5 seconds lucid nightmare)

I felt that clearly trances may weaken the body (tiring)
2012 will be the collective result of everyone creative intents. If people fear catastrophe, then this will turn as a scenario. Same thing to all changes.
Actually, people strive strongly towards a profound global change.

Nature of this world is rather painful. People learn in a fast way but the hard way. That's why entheogens create such a spiritual stress in their learnings! 
Souls (these) are STS. Oh! How was beautiful the world before!
Before the "fall"
But people (human souls) strive for experiencing this world dichotomies.

For ascension transition, it is necessary to purify body, to avoid discomfort. Stress is one of our biggest enemies!
My stress is always my discomfort in achieving/maintaining higher states, altered states and even interferes with daily states/ choices. Purify!

And allow a good food intake.
It's more convenient to change into a vegetarian alimentation (ok, this is all very personal material. This trip was indeed very personal as salvia realm is really your inside)
(actually, one week and a half later I really turn vegetarian!)

Non purified habits (body, mind and spirit) cause you fears and difficult your ascension process.

I felt a "from the dark the world was created!" sentence.
The 5th chakra (verbal communication) can be trained through the blue (blue ray?), reflecting, practicing singing and improving communication with others.
(yes, this is a area which I really feel I have to continue improving)
(this blue was actually very vividly seen in my 5th mushroom trip, as a blue-electric flashing of energies)

- Inebriate salvia state
- Slow perception of time passage
- Random abstract geometrical patterns (eye closed visuals)
- Sensation of seeing wall wavering (maybe dissolving?)
- Out of this world, out of time, out of space. 4D reality indeed
- I felt exactly like a plant (all its parts) Sensation of crystallized plant parts (difficult to explain!)
- I felt my arm alien absolutely alien! Reptilian arm sensation (and all its details)
- Alien sensation of whole body with familiar soul residing and shining inside
- Blood vessels seem to function as energy? conveyors (also seen in mushroom trips)
- Sounds seems more "metallic"

Our consciousness, when at higher states, is really fond of quiet and peaceful moods.
To the end of the trip, I looked outside and I had the sensation at least this place is getting drier (we have been suffering from some summer heat waves). This desert-like approximation is a sign of ascension (like global warming). Only light and heat seem to matter in soul's world.

I felt a calm and high mood on the end of the trip.



Experience with Salvia 6 - 13 September 2004
2g quid

This was the last amount of salvia from my first order.
I was aware it was going to be a bit stronger.
I intent a more mind-blowing experience to finish this set of insightful learning experiences.
And it was so.

The onset was quite sharp. During 10min I slide through ego dissolution. And then I enter a complete eye close trance state, much more vivid (needless to say, this direction was completely unstoppable!)
I awake 20min latter, refreshed and light.

I can't really say how the trip began. In a question on two-three minutes, all my thinking processes lost all their normal logic and common sense. I gradually lost too my will/ impulses to do anything and the consciousness of individuality was also diminished to a almost insignificant point.
I didn't panic. Neither I tried to control anything (that would be a big mistake). I let it flow, assuming completely detach to life and to will-motivation/desires. I also assume complete bravura to the worse I could psychological or physically felt.

So, as I couldn't direct anything (or direct any thought) I let it flow. 
I began drowning into the unconscious realm but while completely lucid!
Nature was truly flowing.
The body started to lose all its importance. Its only function as an instrument of the soul become unmistakable.
Bodily movement was getting impossible and if I would try to use my mind processes it would not only not work as it would bring even more ego collapse more easily!
I thought that this was only going to last about 45 min but time was at this moment becoming irrelevant.

I could still open my eyes but the world seemed now much more in union. I was nothing. Nothing really. Only feeling pure consciousness (or awareness).
The room looked foggy and fuzzy (again like my last mushroom trip).
My hand had a bit of a electric blue hint and I started to feel each finger individuality, instead of the normal whole hand sensation!
I was feeling like becoming a dead person, immobilized. I was not in control of my body (typical sensation of a mind-body dissociative experience). 

I percept the surrounding objects now in their true essence.
They were alive and communicating.
I was themselves and I was also exterior to themselves, at the same time!
Each object communicated and complained on its own style. The schoolbag, for example, ask to pull its extremity, the table was a transformed tree wood, the carpet complained being flat and proud having already handled so many people on it, the book table standing for all its supported knowledge, and finally all objects staring at my mind-blowing state, sending me much energy in response for all the spiritual strength I had put on them!
(yup, here we see the importance of symbolic decoration on our rooms)

I stared, completely hypnotized, into one of the candle which was burning. It was shinning in a beautiful and weird violet light and I even cried a bit in presence of such glorious beauty!
And I finally closed my eyes.


I entered again a very vivid and real dream world.
I was exploring into the unconscious (the collective unconscious)
The world of dreams, symbols, meaning and archetypes.
The world of memories and where rational thinking does not exist at all!
But this time I was completely lucid, unlike my nocturne normal life.

I had extracorporeal experiences as I first felt my etheric body floating and drifting almost 270º around my physical body (I felt some slight nausea too but I solve this turning my physical body with my stomach down)
This was my last contact with the physical reality. Then, I felt a woman (my mother?) caring for myself. First she was smashing my whole body but then I felt this was more an heavy feeling of physical touching (care?) I felt that surrending to this love was the only solution to overcome this state. This was both receiving love and giving, since I was allowing. Love was unified. A quite instinctual and maternal love. (letting flow was indeed the only solution)

Vivid colors and forms (three-dimensional), people, plants, flowers, essences, scenarios... all part of this fantasy world!

I accessed my early infancy memories. I accessed my early memories of playing with toys, how I was so small physically (!), feeling of chewing, hurting when I felt on the ground... it was so nice!
I was observing the sensation of being a child, with its unconscious nature but while being lucid of this unconscious nature!
(I interpreted as two essences merging together latter during childhood: the innate soul nature and the human derived conscious rational nature)
Herein, I understood what was what the people named for soul, spirit or god.

Continuing accessing memories, I access intra-uterine memories.
I felt the cozy sensations of being inside my mother's womb, the sensation of being surrendered by water and protected by the warm protective environment.
Finally I was in a in-between incarnation space. It a dark space which was the place of the deceased and where I accessed memories of past lives and memories of the collective unconscious.
I saw my friends essences. They fears. My own fear. I saw everyone's fears. How it collectively create our world and coming global earth changes.

I was completely into the meaning of every symbol of the dream world.
This was definitely an inhabited realm.
It was both the place of the dead, the place of dreams, the place of astral world and maybe an higher dimensional realm.

In the end, I awaked refreshed and played some guitar (sigur rós and radiohead) while still on a slightly altered mood. The sounds were spectacular. My mind abilities were notorious sharp.
This was a completely unbelievable night!
Salvia shows and teaches the whole side of life, light and dark, both. As a confusing nightmare trip or a very vivid fantasy dream, Salvia teaches us that life is nothing more than a complex reflection of ourselves intimate inner world.



Psylocybe mushrooms experiences


(to be added soon) 






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